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Feedback from clients

Zoom Sessions
July 2021 

"I felt completely at ease and was able to speak openly and honestly. Rebecca truly made me feel that my thoughts and feelings were valid and helped me face my problems head on. As well as dealing with my internal struggles she helped me face my fears and gently pushed me to have important conversations with others." 

Zoom Sessions 
March 2021

"The best part was helping me look at things differently and accept truths that I felt were 'wrong'."

Face to Face Sessions
February 2022

"You helped me work through my feelings of anger and sadness. I liked the fact I could talk to you easily and felt safe to express some emotions that I had never shared with anyone." 

Face to Face Sessions
February 2022

"I really feel like you found a perfect balance between staying professional, and making it a genuine human interaction, instead of feeling like a judgement or analysis. You had so much compassion and honesty. It was definitely what made me keep coming back, and what made me think that if you can be that way with me then I can find that kind of compassion for myself. :)" 

Online Sessions
June 2022

"Rebecca helped me to develop my own self-compassion and gave me the ability to reflect on and notice my own achievements." 

Face to Face Sessions
January 2023

"I have never enjoyed talking about my feelings and it has always been difficult for me. Rebecca provided an environment where I felt comfortable to do this. She clearly cared about me and this really helped with opening up." 

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